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How tick works

Tick is a team of volunteers dedicated towards improving the learning experience. Through Tick, resources can be shared within and across student communities, enabling users to access and build upon a peer-to-peer learning environment. We believe that by facilitating such communal, generational learning, we can help close the loop between students and alumni, creating a learning cycle that grows with each new class of students, rather than simply repeating itself each year.

Meet the team

Tan Chien Hao


Felix Isaac Lim


Sai Suman


Jiahai Feng

Tech Director

Heather I'anson-Holton

Academic Director (GCE)

Praveen Bala

Academic Director (IB)

Chun Man Cheung

Outreach Director (PR)

Keane Chua

Outreach Director (Media)

Shahruj Rashid

Academic Specialist

Syafiq Sahrom

Academic Specialist

Tammy Gan

Communications Director


Here at Tick, we crowdsource our resources to make sure you get access to as many resources as possible to support your education. What this means is that these resources could be made by anyone - yes, literally anyone - be it peers, teachers, or seniors who have studied your subjects before you. While our Quality Control team works hard to ensure that the resources updated conform to our quality standards, there are bound to be oversights and errors so use the resources with discretion. That said, if you notice any errors or have doubts about the content, please leave a comment, contact the contributors (if their details are available), or get in touch with us at tick.resources@gmail.com.

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